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5 tips for a successful job search

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Define a goal

Narrow your options and decide what kind of job you’re looking for. Would you settle for any job position and salary? Or are you looking for your ideal job?

job-adsUse every tool

Post your CV on, use e-mail alerts for interesting offers, read newspaper ads, and ask your friends and family to help you on your search.

Go to the source

Are you interested in any company in particular? Go directly to them, whether it’s the building itself or their website, and offer your services.

Be prepared

Have an up-to-date resume, a standard cover letter and, if possible, some references ready, in case you get a job interview.

Be original!

Stand out from the rest. Send a video CV, design your own resume template, or even create a website with your portfolio so recruiters can take a look at your work.